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Dental Implants v. Dentures & Dental Bridges

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Here at Adrian M. Simm, DDS, we have many amazing options to help you quickly and permanently restore a healthy smile. So what can you do to get started? We encourage you review this comparison of the most popular tooth replacement options and decide which one seems best for your needs, goals, and budget..

What Are The Most Common Tooth Replacement Options?

After a long history of serving patients in the Delcambre and Lafayette, LA areas and beyond, we believe that the three most popular tooth replacement options are dental implants, dentures, and bridges. Here are some additional details about each option.

1) Tooth Replacement Option: Dentures

Denture Benefits

For most patients, dentures are the quickest and easiest option with the most reasonable price. This tooth replacement option consists of a whole arch of replacement teeth that are anchored in a gum-colored plastic base. Dentures can be created and fitted in a couple of weeks and patients are able to eat, chew, smile normally once more.

Denture Drawbacks

When they are compared to other options, dentures are often considered to be the least comfortable treatment option. Many patients also complain that dentures look much less natural than bridges or dental implants. Additionally, dentures do not stop the process of jawbone deterioration that can occur when patients have missing teeth over many years. If they are not replaced, this can result in a sunken facial appearance, loss of jaw muscle tone, and premature wrinkles in the mouth area. Patients sometimes have trouble speaking clearly and enjoying their favorite foods with dentures. Replacement of this option is usually needed every ten years or so.

2) Tooth Replacement Option: Bridge

Bridge Benefits

Bridges are a tooth replacement option that is typically used to replace one or more missing teeth. After the teeth and mouth are measured, Dr. Simm will craft the replacement tooth to match your real teeth. Then, the teeth next to the missing ones will be filed down to provide space for your bridge.

Most patients are relieved to discover that bridges are less invasive (no surgery was required), less expensive, and can be finished quicker than dental implants. Bridges also present less risk and greater convenience since parts can be replaced quickly and painlessly. After placement, patients can once again chew, smile, and speak without problems.

Bridge Drawbacks

Once your natural teeth are filed down for anchors to the bridge piece, they will never be the same again. When this occurs, the structure of the tooth is compromised and the risk of decay or root canal treatment rises. Additionally, special products and cleaners are often necessary to clean beneath the bridge and keep the teeth around it free from debris . Replacement for this option is usually required every 5 to 10 years.

3) Tooth Replacement Option: Dental Implants

Dental Implant Benefits

The primary reason that patients choose dental implants is that they look and feel just like real teeth. Further reasons include easy maintenance, exceptional functionality, and improved oral health. Additionally, dental implants are the only tooth replacement option that can prevent or reverse dangerous jawbone deterioration. Dental implants are also the longest lasting tooth replacement option and can last decades longer than dentures if cared for properly.

The Drawbacks Of Dental Implants

One of the biggest drawbacks of dental implants is that they are not usually paid for by dental insurance. The placement process can also take longer than the other options that are done in weeks. Moreover, dental implants require several office visits over the course of three to six months and possible supplementary procedures like tissue augmentation could be necessary. If you would like to know more about which supplementary procedures we offer, please feel free to read through our Supplemental Procedures page or call us for more details.

Call Us For Additional Information About Tooth Replacement Options

At Adrian M. Simm, DDS, we take great pride in helping our patients restore amazing smiles with functional and beautiful dental implants. With decades of experience, we proudly serve the Delcambre and Lafayette, LA communities with well-priced products and superior services. If you would like to know more, please read through the rest of our specially created website or call us today to get started.

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